Does CBD or CBD Oil really do anything?

Does CBD really do anything
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If you’ve ever read any of the rave reviews and benefits people have listed online after buying CBD oils and other CBD supplements, you may immediately find yourself wondering: “It is cannabis after all, will it get me high?” or Can it alleviate pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression like the research says?”

Perhaps a more pressing question we should be asking ourselves is: “Even if it does not make you high, does it make you feel different or offer the plethora of health benefits listed in reports and scientific findings?”

So what does it feel like? Does it do anything?

Many people who took CBD for the first time have reported subtle effects within minutes. While CBD is non intoxicating unlike THC, you will definitely ‘feel something’ based on how the CB1 and CB2 receptors within your endocannabinoid system (ECS) react with CBD.

Technical mumbo-jumbo aside, majority of users have reported feeling an effect similar to the one you experience right before nodding off – with an initial physical relaxation which transitions into mental relaxation. In fact, don’t be surprised if the effects you feel are similar to those felt after taking anti-anxiety drugs and pain medications.

Speaking of which – when it comes to discussing the effects of CBD, and more importantly, its benefits, there are actually quite a few well-documented ones:

Some of the benefits of taking CBD

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Benefits of taking CBD supplements – turns out it does do something

Even though CBD is non intoxicating unlike THC, which means it does not make you high – a fully tested CBD supplement brought from the top UK manufacturers will offer a myriad of health benefits which are worth paying attention to:

Depression and Anxiety

One of the most common causes of depression are low serotonin levels. While CBD won’t necessarily boost those levels directly, it can influence how your brain’s receptors interact with the existing serotonin in your system.

A 2018 study confirmed that CBD does have anti-stress effects, which can reduce stress-induced depression.

Another study conducted in 2019 revealed that CBD can have a quick and perpetual effect similar to antidepressants, but without all the side effects.

In another study, it was concluded that those taking regular doses of CBD were far less likely to experience social anxiety. Furthermore, since anxiety is also linked to low serotonin production, CBD’s influence on serotonin receptors also explains the anti-anxiety effects.


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Sleep Aid

One of the main causes of sleep loss is, in fact, depression and anxiety.

However, not related to CBD’s effects as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant, this study researched the effects of CBD as a sleep aid and concluded that it induces users into a state of relaxation and sedation, thus improving sleep quality.


Whether you’re suffering from pain and inflammation as a result of ‘overdoing it in the gym’ or due to more serious chronic inflammatory conditions, CBD can help.

In fact, cannabis was one of the first legalised drugs to be prescribed for arthritic pain.

When buying your CBD online, always ensure that it comes from a reputable UK manufacturer who has a ‘quality guaranteed’ seal on all their products.

Does CBD or CBD Oil get me high?

Medical cannabis products containing cannabidiol (CBD) has gained massive popularity as of late, especially with all the research behind it as an effective anti-depressant, anti-anxiety,

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Does CBD or CBD Oil really do anything?
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Does CBD or CBD Oil really do anything?
Does CBD do anything? In this article we look at how taking a CBD supplement makes you feel and look at some of the benefits of consuming it. These include helping with depression, anxiety, assisting sleep and combating inflammation.
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