Why CBD Freedom was Born

CBD Freedom was born because of a number of things that had happened in my life.

I lost my mother to cancer in 1992 when I was only 27 years old. At the time I had 2 young children on my own and needed my mother. She only suffered thankfully for a few weeks before passing away. By the time the professionals found the cancer my mum was riddled. They only gave her the maximum of 3 months to live, and she actually lived for 6 weeks. As you can imagine I spent every day with her as every second with her mattered to me. I watched her go to hell and back in horrendous pain and suffered so much. She never complained in front of her children and always put us first. I know she didn’t want to die, and she tried everything she could. She also went through chemotherapy to try and extend her life. Chemo was very new at the time. She actually said, “It probably won’t help me much, but hopefully going through the Chemo will one day help other people” The Chemo just made her violently sick and she was unable to eat amongst other things. Along with losing my mother to cancer I have also lost a number of family members to cancer and a number of friends

I was a victim of a car accident in February 2010, which left me with a damaged knee and disc bulges in my back. Both of which left me in severe chronic pain that was lifechanging which I had to live with every day and didn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t walk for more than a few hundred yards without having to keep stopping to rest due to the pain. I was taking medication such as codeine, naproxen and paracetamol on a daily basis. The pain had a massive impact on my life. I couldn’t drive very far, play with my grandchildren, go dancing, cook a meal, and just the usual everyday tasks that people undertake on a daily basis. It had a huge impact on my family life with little to no social life, which then impacts on your mental wellbeing. I was a single mother that brought her 3 children up on her own, while working a fulltime job and I had a great social life you can probably imagine how this had a massive effect on my life. Following the accident I had a couple of operations to try and repair my knee and to improve my quality of my life. After the operations I still couldn’t stop taking the painkillers as the pain was still intolerable. The pain killers made me drowsy, forgetful, unable to drive and even forget to eat a meal. On top of this the naproxen gave me kidney stones that I had to have a further operation to remove them.

In 2018, I saw a documentary advertised on how to beat cancer which intrigued me. I watched the documentary for 9 episodes and listened to over 100 doctors speaking out about the cure to cancer. I was blown away with all the natural products that helped to prevent and even in some cases cure cancer. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that there were natural products out there that had been used for 100’s of years and we were not recognising the power of natural products that could and even does cure cancer. I then spent about a year researching different things that helped and cured cancer. Along the way I found CBD and looked into it’s benefits. Again, I was blown away with what was being said in the media about all the different benefits it could have and potentially changing people’s lives for the better. I didn’t want to try it myself as I was worried that I was going to be taking an illegal substance. Once I had researched CBD in more detail, I found that it was not illegal in the UK.

I started taking CBD and after trying different strengths, I found CBD took the pain to a level that I could have a fairly normal life. I was amazed how much CBD actual changed my life and then wanted to help other people. I found CBD was expensive and thought I could find a way to help people that potential couldn’t afford CBD that are suffering in pain, and also give back to people that are at the end of their life, to help them and their families cope.

Tracy Richmond Bailey

Myself and now my business partner started looking at the cost of CBD and how we could make it. By making the CBD products and reducing the cost it would be accessible and affordable to everyone without compromising on quality. We managed to source a company that could supply us with the raw materials at a reasonable price. Then CBD Freedom was born.

Why we launched CBD Freedom

We launched CBD Freedom to help people that need the help, without the help being out of reach for them and make a difference to people’s lives. 

The people that use CBD are people suffering from: pain, anxiety, stress, depression, as well as people that use our CBD for recovery after a gym session and many more reasons.


Why CBD Freedom?

  • CBD Freedom are endorsed by the BMI hospitals. This is a great breakthrough within the medical world in the UK.
  • We also sponsor a number of athletes that use our products. They use our CBD Oil Drops which are the best sellers for the sporting world, they use the product for muscle recovery, pain, anxiety and rest. 
  • The CBD that is within CBD Freedoms products are fully tested and of the highest quality.
  • The CBD content within our products are a guaranteed quantity within.
  •  Fast free delivery within the UK.
  • Quality guaranteed.
  • Money back guaranteed for unsatisfied customers.

We care and support the terminally ill

We also support children with illnesses such as cancer. We give away a percentage of the profits to charities that support the children in making their lives better such as, the marie curie charity – who offer Information and support for people or someone you’re close to that has a terminal illness, they are there to support you. Marie Curie Nurses – Given the choice, most of us would want to die peacefully at home, surrounded by the people who mean the most to us. Marie Curie Nurses make this possible. As a person that has suffered a death of their mother at a very young age, I realise how important this kind of support is so valuable to people in helping all concerned to deal with what’s ahead of them and after.

Wipe your tears – who work with unwell children in the UK and the effects that serious illness has on their loved ones. A difference is a difference whatever way you look at it. If they could all make a seriously ill child smile for one minute, they would. And if they could make the parents of an ill child feel that someone else cares, we all would, they can and they do.

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BMI Healthcare
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